Mr.Arulantony  is born on 26.03.1977 to Mr.Sebastin   and Mrs. Shantha. Like  Mr. Ramanarayanan,  after completion of his school studies,  he joined in Christ the Kings  Institute of Technology,   where he completed his Diploma in Civil Engineering.   His in-depth knowledge   in construction to plan for his brilliant future.

Mr.Arul  Anotny is collegemate  of Sri R Ramanarayanan-Director Marketing and they are known to each other during their  school days. As it is quite natural  for any friends  to start their own business of construction along with Mr.Ramanarayanan,  he has also become a partner in Sree Daksha  Property  Developers. Later,  he has become  Director-  Technical,   when  Sree  Daksha  Property  Developers (India)   Pvt Ltd was formed.

After starting  its business diversificationin    furniture segment,  he became a partner in Aavishkaar His contribution in leading the spirited engineering team  is extremely appreciated   by other directors.   Thereafter,  there was no turning back.  His experience in construction helped  in the steady development of the company.

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