He is born on  16.05.1973  to Mr. Natarajan and Mrs.Sarojini.   He is from a poor family.  During his school days,  he developed his attitude towards  perfection in whatever sphere  he takes in future.  With that firmly in mind,  he made himself   as an example in school life and acquired  many awards  during his early life itself.

His interest in construction   compelled   him to Civil course  in Engineering   segment,  He graduated  as a B.E(Civil) candidate   and which  also helped  him in associating   himself  initially  as one of the partners  in Sree Daksha  Property  Developers   and  when it was converted   into  a limited  company,   he has become  one of the Directors  of the company.

He is looking after  Transport and  Vehicle  Department.   His vast know- ledge in designing the elevation has helped him  in unique designs  for each and every project.  He has also become a partner in Aavishkaar,   furniture showroom.   With his relentless pursuit of perfection was commendable and continued to execute the task brilliantly in his style without  any flaw. He is following the ideals of simple living  and high thinking  in his practical life.    He is known for his commitment in accepting any  challenge in his life.

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