Mr.Ramanarayanan, Director-Marketing is born on 29.03.1977   to Mr.Ramasubramanian and Smt.Meenakshi in Coimbatore. After completion of his regular school  studies,  for his graduation,   he took up Diploma in Civil Engineering and completed his graduation in Christ the King  Institute of Technology in Coimbatore.

With his relentless efforts,  as his studies were relating to civil engineering,   he initially started  his own construction activities independently and this paved the way for joining hands  with Mr.R.Mohan,   the present  Managing   Director of the company.   Backed with years of construction experience,   the path for the future growth  was well set.

In Sree  Daksha  Property Developers (India) Pvt Ltd, he is presently the Director-Marketing.     With his inbuilt talents in marketing,   every project  is becoming easy for marketing with the able support of the marketing team.  A well-groomed team of staff,  who have the persuasive skills in clinching the deals with prospective clients.

His dedicated knowledge in marketing and his ability to convert any cold customer   as a better prospect   was known to everyone His constant efforts  in training the team of marketing staff in updating to the required level  is well known to the top management.

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