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A sense of place. It certainly can make a big difference to how much we can get in touch with our essential self. Sometimes, we are defined by where we are as much as who we are. And when it comes to our dwelling, the place, the environs, the locus as a great bearing on the way we are, the way we feel, the way we live.

Everything else being equal, the clinching factor comes down to one single factor: Location. Where you live is as important as how you live. That is why when we decided to launch a project of this magnitude we scouted around for the best location in the city. A location that had it all. The guidelines were clear cut. It should be right within the city but it should be also a place of tranquillity. It should give you access to all the business and entertainment centers in the city but it should also be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It should be within the city but without the attendant routines of city life. It should be a world of your own, a place of privacy and peace, a place you can come back to and bask in the comfort of a life you richly deserve. A place that will put you in the picture, make you the center of attraction and swell your heart with pride.

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Exclusivity has its advantages

The environment that defines hreeva is one of complete exclusivity. This is Your own private world in a community of like-minded people. This is where you can be in your element the world that is safe and secure. A place to bring up your children in an environment of peace and comfort. The beautifully landscaped gardens would certainly get you in the mood and there is nothing like a carefree stroll across well laid out pathways to soothe the soul.The playgrounds would make your children jump for joy. In fact, a special swimming pool has to be allocated just for the kids, apart from the regular pool. The clubhouse is sure to be a beehive of activities, and the gym, the right place to go flex your muscles! There is also a mini theater for you go and catch up the latest blockbuster.

So go on and start living it up.

Floor Plan

Hreeva Floor Plan

Hreeva Floor Plan

Model House

hreeva model house

hreeva model house

Perfection is in the details

After we zeroed in on the location the task before we was to decide on how best we could give you a home that was perfect in every detail within affordable parameters. So when we sat down at the drawing board we set ourselves two tasks. One, the design has to be exemplary which meant marrying the functional with the aesthetical in a way that it makes life comfortable but also makes you feel good. Two, the construction has to be solid with all the amenities in tune with your need.

At Hreeva, you will see that both these factors have been done with finesse and a sense of commitment.We believe that every home owner has certain expectations. With our considerable experience in the field and backed by our reputation as a company that can see the larger picture without missing out on the details, we can more than meet your expectations.

You can see that in the spatial designing of your home, the spaciousness, the privacy that it affords, the free flow of light and air facilitated by the judicious placement of doors and windows. You can see that In the thoughtfully designed amenities, the choice of time-tested building materials and fittings. And you can see it the overall ambiance that makes you feel completely at home.


  • R.C.C Framed structure
  • Interior & Exterior with high-quality emulsion paints for long life
  • 2 x 2 tiles for entire flat flooring except for toilet
  • Anti-skid tile for the toilet floor
  • For toilet wall, Glazed tiles with printed designs up to 7′
  • Designed wood panel for the main door, Flush door with door skin finish for inside, with country wood frame
  • UPVC windows and glass shutters with fixed grill
  • Parryware/Cera (or) equivalent sanitary fittings
  • Jaquar/Cera (or) equivalent quality CP fittings
  • Three phase connection with phase changer
  • TV and telephone points in living room




















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